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Affiliates program

Learn how Lista Brasil's affiliate program works and start earning money now.

How it works?

Our partnership program is designed to reward you for spreading the Lista Brasil website.

If you have a website or blog you will receive 10% of all payment made by any user who advertise with us through your affiliate link.

Just place a banner or link with your affiliate code anywhere on your website or blog, write a post, tweet or do anything you like.

Your affiliate code will be associated with any user who accesses the Lista Brasil website through your link. The code will be valid for 30 days. If the user advertise with us within 30 days, he will be part of your advertisers and you will receive money for each payment the user make to Lista Brasil.

I do not have a website or blog, what can I do?

You do not need a website or blog to be a partner, you can spread the link by email, facebook, twitter or any other way.

How do I get paid?

We only make payments via PayPal There is a minimum payment of £ 10 and a minimum of 15 days before you can apply for payment in case we need to return the money the advertiser.

When you have money to withdraw, you will see a link in your administration area for "Request payment". You must click the link to be paid.

If you have an advertisement on Lista Brasil but it's not Premium, your funds will be used to make your ad Premium first. After becoming a Premium advertiser any money you earn for the full year will be money in your pocket.

You should request your payment within a year. Values older than one year are no longer available in the system.

I want to join the affiliates! What do I do now?

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Start making money fast!

You can not wait to start receiving commissions? Here are some suggestions that will help you.

  • Write a post in your blog or website talking about Lista Brasil. Send us the link and we'll share it on our social media accounts. That's right, we'll help you make money and get more visits.
  • Place a link in your comments, signatures, profiles of social networks and anywhere else you want. Do not forget to use the partner link with your code!
  • Use Lista Brasil banners to draw more attention from your visitors. We will provide the link to the banners with your partner code.

More questions?

It is not clear? No problem, contact us and we will answer your questions.